The benefits and downside to drinking COFFEE

Coffee! Some people love it and some people cannot stand it. But if you're a coffee lover here is some information you may find interesting. 

Coffee shouldn't be drunk on an empty stomach, yet so many drink a cup of coffee as soon as they wake up in the morning! Drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases the natural acid in the stomach (Hydrochloric acid) This can cause an imbalance of our natural acid which can lead to multiple long term gut issues and acid reflux being just one!

Coffee is an addictive stimulant and can lead to adrenal stress. Over stimulating the adrenals can result in elevated cortisol levels and when cortisol levels are too high, this is said to lead to poor fat oxidation and resulting in weight issues, especially around the mid-section.

Coffee aids physical performance! Most people think it's just the coffee itself that acts as a stimulant. Coffee contains stimulatory amino acids that also act as a stimulant to the neurological and hormonal axis in the body. So it can be very beneficial to athletic or general physical performance. Even though there are benefits, people should still be careful when using it as a stimulant due to the negative side effects.  

Coffee cleans the bowels - Coffee can be used to alleviate constipation when consumed orally, though drinking too much coffee can have a quite significant drying effect on the body which will cause constipation in the end anyway. It can lead to over-heating of the body and slow healing of injuries. It is important to make sure plenty of water and fibre is consumed if drinking more than 2 cups each day. If you choose to use coffee as a form of laxative, it is possible for the bowel to become dependant on the coffee causing a lazy bowel, so do be careful here.

Therapists sometimes use coffee to perform a coffee enema which can aid a bowel movement.This is something that should not be abused due to the negative side effects - so be sure to seek professional medical advice. Coffee enemas should not be performed on anybody with health issues such as abdominal hernia's, blood vessel disease and heart failure. 

Aids Mental Performance - When you do a lot of mental work coffee is great for keeping our brains sharp but you have to be careful you don't over-consume it and end up depending on it to keep you thinking straight. Coffee is very well liked for the fact it aids mental performance which is due to the elevating cortisol levels that stimulate the brain that is used for logical tasks such as science and mathematics. 

Coffee can be stressful on the female body - If a woman is pre/post menopausal or suffers from menstrual irregularity, dis-amenorrhea or amenorrhea, any problems with the menstrual cycle like painful cramps during their period then coffee should try to be avoided. Coffee happens to over work the adrenal glands and the adrenal glands act as a back up system for the ovaries when the female is going through a pre/post menopausal phase. When the ovaries are not producing hormones any longer, her adrenal glands begin to work to produce the key hormones that her ovaries are no longer able to manufacture. When the adrenal glands are over-worked the hormones become unbalanced which can then lead to emotional, physical and mental complications. 

Please note - anything other than a pain free period is not normal for any female, see your GP if you suffer with pain during your menstrual period or find a natural herbalist or somebody like us that can help to improve your diet which may help too. 

Contains Beneficial Nutrients - Coffee contains important nutrients and is said to offer the body great beneficial nutrients. Some natural treatment centres will use coffee to increase the number of micronutrients and antioxidants to their patients diet to improve their health. 

Even though there are beneficial nutrients in coffee this doesn't suggest you should start drinking 10 cups of coffee every day, too much of anything won't be good for anybody. Coffee should be freshly made, not re-heated and try to choose a good organic coffee if you can. 

Moderation is the key, so keep it balanced.